Saturday, July 5, 2014

July Overnight Oatmeal Challenge Day #5 Guava Extremist Overnight Oatmeal

Guava, guava, guava, it is so fun to say. Guava is one of the cheapest fruits you can get in Taiwan, although deseeding it is probably not a fun thing to do; most people will toss away the seeds but I had a roommate whom love eating the seeds part of the guava because it is sweeter and the flesh near the seed is softer; it is either she is a weirdo or it is okay to eat the seeds however I am not suggesting you to try.

It is weird that when I Google guava the image appeared are from the pink guava and despite how cute it look like I have yet to try that variation; I just stick to the normal green guava but it is not boring; I like the crispiness and the tartness that add a kick to the flavor.

The dried guava is something I don't know existed until few weeks ago; I am not a big fan of dried fruits but these store brought dried guava really got me going. I have been thinking about it after I tried it for the first time. I enjoy how the tartness remain and the texture become some what chewy, it can be really addictive.

Guava Extremist Overnight Oatmeal
Sliced Guava with Guava Juice Overnight Oatmeal topped with Dried Guava

1/2 cups of oatmeal
3/4 cups of sliced guava
3/4 cups of guava juice
Top with few slices of dried guava

The method is the same, it is easy, just mix it all in except the topping and refrigerate overnight. This one is less watery compared to the one yesterday but still some what less creamy as oppose to adding milk. Anyway I think adding juice has more flavor and I am really liking it, also topping really add lots of fun and the different texture some how makes me forget that I am eating oatmeal.

You can see that the dried guava has a distinctive bright yellow color and it just made the whole oatmeal look less boring, I am guessing that the dried guava is from yellow guava, I think it exist. The oatmeal is very sweet from absorbing the guava juice; it is really nice. If you have the chance to visit Taiwan guava juice box is something you should try, it is like my childhood drinks whenever my family dine out.
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