Thursday, July 3, 2014

July Overnight Oatmeal Challenge Day #3 Avocado and Matcha Green Tea with Black Soy Milk Overnight Oatmeal

Its the third day of July and I am a green monster today. Avocado is one of my favorite fruits but not everyone like it as much as I do. In Taiwan most people don't eat avocado but they enjoy drinking avocado and pudding milk, tried it but I think the pudding is way overpowering the taste of avocado. I like subtle, buttery flavor and how it just melt in the mouth with the mild yet distinctive taste.

The bad things about avocado it that it is not a cheap fruit, I remember buying imported avocado back in Malaysia for RM10 per box with 3 avocados, medium size; and that it takes forever to ripe. That just sucks especially when I am not a very patient person. So, few days ago, I brought a big local grown avocado at the fruits stall near my house and this darken avocado was on sales, and I had to bring it home. It is much bigger than those imported one and has a very bright yellow flesh, some what close to the color of a mango.

I have to include this nutritious fruit in my daily oatmeal dosage.

Day #3
Avocado and matcha green tea with black soy milk 

I had no idea how I come out with this brilliant combination of avocado and matcha green tea. Thanks to the 2 packets matcha green tea latte drinks that has been lying in my drawer (I think I got that from a classmate). 

This one is really simple, just cut half of the avocado cutely and with approximately half cup of oatmeal and 2 packets of matcha green tea latte drinks top with 1 cup of black soy milk, stir thoroughly and refrigerate overnight. 

I like my breakfast looking green, although it might not look good in a green mug but that is the only mug I got so just let it be. And surprisingly the matcha and avocado really taste good together and the black soy leave a very smooth aftertaste, perhaps I am just a genius in food combinations and pairing. Avocado lovers out there you should really try this. 
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