Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Oh, stop reminding me its a new year!

This is not whiny, this is not negative. 

Its just that its kinda disturbing to see all these new year resolution filling in every part of my Facebook feeds. Do we really need a new year to set a new goal, or to remind ourselves on things we said we are going to achieve the previous year or even worse the year before that. Why do people even enjoy making all these goals they thought they will be able to accomplish but deep down they know they might not. 

Humans are genetically engineered to be optimistic and to have hope, oh well, that will be better if we can top that up with some permanent positive charges. Why is that a trend to set a resolution once a year, making it harder to keep up with and too long to remember about it. Try ask someone in May what is their new year resolution; see how many truly live to it. 

Are resolutions unrealistic? Or its because our passion for it got sucked away as time flies.
If only we can celebrate everyday with the hope, joy, happiness, passion, motivation and hope the way we celebrate a new year, that is when changes happen in life for good!
The question is how to make this motivation last a year long. <3